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I’m a vampire, yo! Not really, but it has been an eternity since my last update.

I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I last updated this site. Lots of stuff happened over the last year.  Some of my favorite moments ever, and some of my not-so-favorite moments.  I had some moments where it felt like total awesome madness, and then it was just madness.  I got to shoot some of my favorite bands and even broke that 3 song rule barrier with some, which was a HUGE thing for me.  Like freaking Andre the Giant huge! And then I had some of the worst problems I’ve ever had, and all the energy I would get from trying to follow my bliss would be withdrawn from trying to take care of those issues.  If I wasn’t busy trying to pursue photography, or with my full-time job, I was busy handling very serious matters.  In all the hustle, I neglected taking care of myself.  I attributed my low energy to my overflowing plate and to getting older.  Turns out every once in a while you have to take care of yourself a little bit, too. After feeling like poo for a long time, I finally went to the doctor’s office.  And last week while I was at lunch, my doctor calls me and tells me I need to go to the ER stat. I thought he was exaggerating.  It turns out that I’m a vampire and needed a ton of blood. I hope they put in some good young blood in me.  Seriously, I read an article that young blood is like the fountain of youth.  Anyhow, I digress, my point is that whatever you are doing, take a little time to take care of yourself.  The hospital doctor asked me how I was able to function, and I said I just walked it off and pushed myself a little harder.  She looked at me, gave me a scolding, and said that my brain needs oxygen to live, and blood caries that oxygen to it.  If you are running low on blood, then your brain is not getting the oxygen it needs and everything tanks after that.  Who knew (I’m sure plenty of people know that, especially medical students).  So now with an almost full thank of blood, I’m running around with rosy cheeks again, I’m also starting to turn into a vitamin/healthy eating Nazi (side note: I kinda miss my pale vampirish skin tone, ha!).  I’m also a little upset at myself because had I been taking care of myself all this time, I would have done so much more this past year.  Instead, I was operating at 40 percent capacity, literally.  So if you want to take over the world, take care of yourself, yo!

About social media: Yes, I pretty much quit all social media. No, I haven’t quit photography, but perhaps because I felt so tired all the time, I wanted to better allocate my time and give all my energy to the really important stuff in my life, and social media took too much of it.  Right now, I’m regrouping and figuring out a new way to do things.  The old-way disillusioned me, and made me feel a bit jaded, and that’s not how I want to feel about what I’m doing.  I want to be excited about stuff as much as possible, and I never want those butterflies to fly away.  So I’m doing whatever it takes to get to my happy place, and I’m letting go of all things that I think are unnecessary and disillusioning.  I will never again quit doing creative stuff, but if I need to change a thing or two, I have no problem doing so, even stuff that meant the world to me not so long ago.  I have a lot of high hopes for the future, and will do whatever I can to make it happen.  I suppose that’s how I would like to end this post.  Never lose hope, and continue fighting the good fight, but take care of yourself in the process, too.