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I’m on Redbubble

First rock star silhouette is up :).  Lots more going up soon.  Click here to check it out.

Redbubble Shop

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Coming Soon

A merch store via Redbubble.  I’m finally getting a bit enterprisy, yay! :)))  I’m going to start with a collection called Rock Star Silhouettes.   If you followed my work, you’ll have no trouble identifying the rock star.  If you haven’t, have fun!  I have a few other things up my sleeve, but first let’s get this one off the ground.   The first items should be up by Friday.   Hope you guys (my one reader) likes them.   P.S. Since I’m no longer on social media, feel free to share the bejesus out of them.  I won’t love you long time, but I will love you lots.   Plus, in my opinion, they’ll make excellent stocking suffers. ; )

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It’s about time…

That I start updating the galleries.   Lots and lots of pictures going up soon.  Side note:  I got to break the three song rule with these three bands.  : )STP Janes Billy Idol

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